1. john byrne

    on a training run in Davenport, passed your aunt Carrie Bowman, and she recognized me from a local newspaper article. She mentioned that you finished 2nd at Leadville last year, I thought maybe I misheard her until she sent me your website :o)

    Way way cool! I ran in 2005, finished in 29:57:43 (scary!) – coming back this year, hoping for a sub 24 hr – it WON’T be 17 hrs – I can guarantee you that!

    You are an amazing runner – I hope maybe we can connect. I’ll be staying in Coppermountain from Aug 12 on and probably in Silverthorne from Aug 6 – 12. My cell is 563-343-3909 and email is I would love to catch up with you sometime if it works – Carrie said you were pacing someone this year.

    Great, great website – thanks for sharing your 2011 Leadville story!

    Admiringly, John Byrne (Bettendorf, IA) – 47 years old :o)

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