© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography

© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography

The Blue Mountains have a bit of everything. It was a pleasure to get a sampling of Australian trail running and hospitality last week as I prepared for and raced The North Face 100k. The race itself ended up being quite enjoyable and rather dramatic. The result is one that I’m quite proud of and the effort was a breakthrough on many levels. Francois and I even saw a Kangaroo.

Tarawera 100k

17 February 2015 2 Comments Category: Racing, Running

Tarwera 1

Photo: Lyndon Marceau

For whatever reason, I seem to consistently feel on top of my game in the winter and spring months of the year. February seems to be a particularly strong month for me with 2015 being the third year in a row that I’ve been able to notch an ultra in the win column. It’s important to recognize and capitalize on these rhythms which is why I was quite pleased yet unsurprised to feel in top form upon my arrival in New Zealand a full week ahead of the Tarawera Ultramarathon.

Photo: Jason Bowman

As an avid sports fan and appreciator of all things athletic, I’m highly aware and inspired by examples of athletes who repeatedly endure agonizing disappointment  before ultimately accomplishing their goals.  Even John Elway lost three Super Bowls before he was finally crowned a champion.  After two disappointing races at WS, a DNS at UTMB, and a grueling death march at Transgrancanaria, I was beginning to feel that I had some sort of physical or mental shortcoming at races longer than fifty miles.  It was becoming a monkey on on my back that preoccupied me often.


11 March 2014 10 Comments Category: Racing, Running

Photo: Jose Manuel Rodriguez

In the ten days since the race, I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings about my trip to Transgrancanaria.  I’m still not really sure how I feel but I’m hopeful that valuable strength and wisdom will come from what was otherwise an agonizing exercise in survival.  I realize bemoaning a disappointing race does not make for the most compelling read, so I’d like to just touch on a few points that I think are worth mentioning.

Bootlegger 50k

14 November 2013 4 Comments Category: Racing, Running

When most people go to Vegas, the last things on their minds are exercising and physical health.  Though I’d long heard of the impressive trail system in the area, I’ll admit, until this past weekend, all my visits have been filled with less than wholesome activities.  It was nice to be able to change that up last weekend with my participation in the Bootlegger 50k.  Maybe I’m finally getting a little more mature and responsible?